Initial Conditions

Considered essential since antiquity for the development of a sharp and keen intellect, the study of mathematics continues to form the basis for the secondary school curriculum in the twenty-first century. In addition to providing students with the language of the natural and social sciences, a rigorous course of study in mathematics hones students’ problem solving, critical thinking, and analytical reasoning abilities like no other.

More than ever before, a sound knowledge of mathematics is essential for success in both public and private life. For those who use mathematics daily and directly—scientists, engineers, and the like—this is obviously true. However, even those engaged in occupations less manifestly numerical need to analyze quantitative data, make reasoned and careful conclusions, and solve problems on the basis of these conclusions: skills which one develops chiefly through the study of mathematics.

It is only through a well-educated, actively engaged and numerate populace that the health and vitality of our democracy can be nurtured and sustained, and thus it is in no small part through the study of mathematics that the freedoms which we enjoy can be strengthened and supported.

Whether you are a student, parent, or colleague, please feel free to explore and utlize the information and resources gathered here. It is my hope that you will come to appreciate mathematics not only as a useful set of tools, but as a human endeavor and accomplishment, full of beauty and drama. Your feedback is welcomed, encouraged, and always appreciated.

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