Dumb Goals

This is the perfect time to set goals—on the eve of the start of the first day of students when equal parts anticipation and nervous energy are coursing through your veins.  Rather than heed the expert advice about setting SMART goals, I’m just going to do things my own bull-headed way and stick to generalities.

My three primary goals for the year across-the-board are (in no particular order).


Expand my repertoire of (especially) formative assessment and actually use the data in a meaningful way to “inform instruction,” as the “experts” say.


Actually pay attention to what the standards say on a daily basis.  CCSS for Algebra 2, AP Framework for AP Calculus, and CSTA/CS Framework for CS and AP CSA.


Hand in hand with formative assessment, broaden my horizons as to what’s out there and what’s possible as far as differentiation.

And if there’s time for a fourth…

I’d also like to implement some meaningful Gold-Standard PBL (including some “socially useful” apps in my CS classes).

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