Pebbles and Boulders

For much of my life (and almost all of my career as a teacher) I have been captivated by those with a “vision”—with big, audacious, world-changing goals that just might work with a lot of sweat and a little luck. Who can help but be inspired by President Kennedy’s challenge to put men on the Moon, or Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision of a world without racism, after all?

More recently, however, I’ve become convinced that, at least in my own life and work, small is the way to go. Leave the big dreams to those with a big audience and a lot of power. In the world of the worker bees and drones that I inhabit, things are accomplished on much more modest scales and in much smaller steps.

I’ve been aware of the 30 goals challenge for teachers for some time now, and have even read a little of the book, but have never taken it very far. (Maybe actually reading the book should be one of my 30?) Hopefully this will jump-start the process.

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